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Lebensdomizile weltweit

The information portal for the German-speaking 50plus generation with domiciles all over the world on the topics “Housing, Living, Cure & Care abroad”.

On the one hand LEBENSDOMIZILE WELTWEIT is the information portal for final consumers being interested in hotel facilities for long-term holidays, spa hotels, senior residences and care institutions as well as real estate supply worldwide.

On the other hand LEBENSDOMIZILE WELTWEIT is the target group-oriented marketing portal for foreign domicile operators and real estate providers who would like to present their domiciles attractively to the German-speaking market.

LEBENSDOMIZILE WELTWEIT stands for an extensive range of domiciles worldwide.

Make your dreams come true! Enjoy your life independently and in a spirit of self-determination when you are a best ager!

Focus consciously on what you yearn for! Enjoy your newfound freedom! Wherever you like, whenever you like and for as long as you like! You determine your new rhythm and we help you with your enquiries - all over the globe!


With the support of a network of location scouts who operate internationally, we research in many interesting countries, always searching for suitable feelgood homes for our target groups.

More detailed information for potential providers is to be found here.


By domicile we mean

  • Hotel facilities for long-term holidays
    and wintering
  • Spa hotels
  • Senior citizens´ residences
  • Elderly flat-sharing communities
  • Assisted living
  • Care institutions
  • Apartments and houses 
    to buy or to rent

All offerings focus on fulfilling all your wishful longings in the freedom that comes once you belong to the best agers group.

To fit any budget, no matter whether exotic or close to the border, a beach location or urban life in a city centre. There are hotels with attractive offers for long-term holidays, spa hotels, residences focusing on senior citizens and care, or the own home.

Browse around our homepage and visit your new domicile here.

You have the choice, and we provide the platform!